Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Here is its Tuesday

And I am still depressed. 

Living in the old folks home is, by itself, depressing.  There are a jillion petty things to annoy one.  They are, each inself, too petty to mention, but they accumulate for eight years and you want to tear your hair out.

It used to annoy me a little that people crowded into the lobby when we have music and wheel chairs cannot get through.  So I worked with staff and eventually that petty annoyance was resolved.  People moved inside and left the way clear.

...And then the staff all changed.  Now we have a new staff, and the lobby is cluttered again.  Ho hum.

   We used to have to wait interminably for dining room service, and we worked with dining room personnel on that problem.  Finally we got good service.  Then the staff all changed.  Now we have even longer waits for each meal.  Gad.  You see what I mean?

   First there was no suggestion box, and then there was, and now there isn't.  We waited years for closed circuit TV for announcements and entertainment, then we got it, and then we lost it.  First we had bus service, and then we had none, and then we had bus service, and then we had none, and then... well, you see. 

   Not one problem is big enough to make you move.  Not one problem is serious by world standards.  Not one problem would make you cry.  But cripes... day after day, time after time, and you want to scream ENOUGH.

   Think twice about getting old.  It is not for sissies.


magogos said...

I can see it's not for sissies, and it may be a good thing one has to fight through life to get to it. I am not sure I am courageous enough to face old age, but I do not want to fold and give in to the alternative either. My mom's 80, and I have seen her fight harder in the last 2 years than ever before, so maybe there's hope for me yet. Meanwhile,one thin I've learned about you is that you'll live through these not so petty annoyances, or die trying. Margo

kateh2ocolorart said...

Sorry stuff is so up/down and sideways there...but I think communal living (my definition is: two or more people = communcal living) is concerned things change CONSTANTLY!  It DOES seem like an uphill battle a lot of the time...and then there are moments of sledding down the hill...which is better?  I dunno.  CHIN UP!  I think it must be oodles better than living alone and lonely, but I know we all can be lonely in a crowd too!
Love and hugs...let's visit soon!

herheadsnacloud said...

Goid love ya Chuck............even in your despair you manage to make me smile...I am blowing you kisses.....Bambi

plieck30 said...

Well no wonder you are depressed. I'm sure glad you have your scooter and van so you can get away from there sometime. Paula

mavarin said...

First there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is....

I thought about you today as I listened to a report about 29 WWII vets from a midwestern nursing home who went to see the WWII memorial in Washington.  I think they had two attendants for each vet, plus family.  But they made it--blind, wheelchair bound, etc., but they made it anyway.

If they can do that, I feel sure you can cope with all these petty annoyances!


fisherkristina said...

Sorry about the frustrations Chuck. -Krissy

ryanagi said...

Oh ugh. Sounds like you need to break in the new staff and re-read the riot act. It never ends.

valphish said...

Some of those annoyances, day in and out, really are not annoyances, I don't think.  If you have to wait on something EVERY DAY, it becomes A PROBLEM..deal with what you can and get others on your side!!  Love ya, Grandpa Groundhog! xox