Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Movie review -- Lost in Translation

   Bill Murray and Scarlett Johanssen are two bored folks idling in Tokyo, and as such "find" one another.  They have a May-December, very chaste affair.  They end up in bed, naturally, but only to sleep, lightly touching hands.
   They eventually must part, and that is touching, too, but there is little excitement.  For a moment you think they will act like typical movie characters and rush back to one another's arms, but cooler heads prevail.
   I think this is Murray's dullest film since The Razor's Edge in which he wanders around India with the vitality and emotion of a cigar store Indian.
   Some astute press agentry got this nominated for an Oscar, but cooler heads prevailed there too and the award went to some Hobbits. 
   If you want to see a more amusing Bill Murray rent Groundhog Day or Tootsie.  He was better in both.
   On Chucks scale from Ho-Hum to Charming this film:


mavarin said...

It is a lttle, um, slow.  And I LOVED Groundhog Day. - Karen

kkasey47 said...

I thought it was just me. I found it very boring and couldn't even watch the whole movie...........Kasey

valphish said...

Ah, I was wondering if I should see the film...perhaps I won't now :-).  Thanks for allowing me NOT to waste my time, Grampy Groundhog...(I have an affection for groundhogs as you recall living in PA..remember our groundhog conversation?)  Love ya!! Val xox

kateh2ocolorart said...

My FAV Bill Murray movie was WHAT ABOUT BOB...I don't even like Richard Dreyfus, but liked HIM in that too.

What did Bill play in Tootsie?  TOOTSIE was Dustin Hoffman!

Maybe I won't come pick up that DVD afterall...luv Kate