Monday, June 6, 2005

Blue Monday OR The beginning of a new week?

You can decide.  Do you want to be depressed?  Or would you rather be happy and content? 

Would you rather complain about your situation, or would you rather do something about it?

Today, in both cases, for me, it is the former.  I let myself be depressed, I choose to complain.

I went to breakfast at 7:40.  My table mate was served two nice bran muffins.  I chose to have scrambled eggs with mine.  By 8:20, forty minutes later, I still had no breakfast.  My second cup of coffee was gone.

Some people complain about everything, I do a "silent burn". I decided that when my eggs DO come, IF they were cold, I would set my plate in the middle of the floor and roll out. 

My eggs came, and I secretly wished they would be cold so I could activate my plan of protest.  They were slightly warm.  I ate a little, left most, and rolled out, very grumpy. 

Grumpy I remain.  Alas, I will stay grumpy until I "get ahold of myself" and decide I'd rather be content. 

Writing in my journal helps a little: misery love company. 

Don't let me get YOU down. 

I will recover.  I will write a happy entry later... I have a plan for today, and something to "do", and that will help[.


Grandfather Groundhog.


herheadsnacloud said...

I know it was more than those crappy eggs that are making you feel crappy today. I just want you to know that I really look forward to your journal entries and the stuff you write about really matters to me.....I hope your day gets better. B. Lynne

plieck30 said...

Monday is my favorite day of the week and I choose not to be depressed, but you go right ahead. Glad you have something to do to cheer you up. 45 minutes was way too long to wait for your breakfast though. Paula

kkasey47 said...

hey I have days like that to. I think many peope do............hang in there things can get better....but we all have our off days............ Kasey

fisherkristina said...

I have some bad days too.  I try to remember to be grateful to God for what I have.  But I still have my days anyway. -Krissy

ryanagi said...

Ugh. I hate a long wait for food, especially when I am REALLY hungry.

mavarin said...

Okay, you have a right to be annoyed, but the opening of this entry shows you also know what you need to do!  As I told someone else last night: reach for the laughter! - Karen

valphish said...

I have been so behind this week...just catching up!  Aaaa!  So, I am someone who holds anger in as well.  I can get irritable at times, but I do hold the bigger stuff in. xox