Monday, June 20, 2005


Had a long dream this morning.  I was about a complicated adventure.  Lost at a carnival, and then had to take an ice cream cake to a nephew, but all transportation was stalled.  Had to rent a locomotive to deliver it.  Many complication with obtaining the locomotive.  Took all night to make the arrangements, and many arguments, much trudging back and forth between round house and terminal. 

Was well exhausted when I woke up, and was glad to realize it was a dream.  The nine hour or more adventure had been dreamed in less than forty five minutes. 

Left me confused about time.


kateh2ocolorart said...

Wow, maybe you need to get the book, "10,000 Dreams Interpretted"
LOL Kate

elleme2 said...

Hey!  Renting a locomotive is much more impressive than renting a limo!

Delighted to know your dreams aren't any more logical than mine.  I've always been suspicious of people who relate dreams that are logical, sequential and happy - they sound more like daydreams.  

But I'm worried about that ice cream cake.  Did it melt?

valphish said...

:-o..are things frustrating you in real life?  hmmm... just caught up on your entries...hey, happy belated Father's Day, Grandpa Groundhog!  Love ya!! xox

ryanagi said...

Must be the impending full moon...I had a lengthy adventure type dream last night (this morning) too. It was about going shopping with friends, getting lost in the parking lots of the mall, getting hit by a blizzard while looking for lost car (we were in summer wear) and trying to survive the cold temps...found the car (which had miraculously grown larger and was now sporting treads like a Sherman tank) and making our way home, where the roads had changed and the route we normally took didn't look the same. I could go on, but you get the idea. LOL

camaroisle050856 said...

           I have weird dreams like that, too.  It's frustrating when sleep is supposed to be restful.   I've been confused about time, too, after a dream or nightmare.   I often wonder what they mean.  Maybe you're hungry for fun and obligations are stopping you from having a good time?
            Perhaps the Carnival represents fun, the ice cream cake hunger, and the frustration between the roundhouse and the terminal represent something stopping you from pursuing something you enjoy?  Just a guess.
            Sometimes dreams just happen.

Best Wishes,