Monday, June 13, 2005

Starbucks -- Continued

New behavior for me.  I took my scooter - before breakfast - to Starbucks for a MORNING coffee: a mocha latte.

I put the large container, appears to be about a pint and half, in the basket on the scooter.  The cup has a lid with a small sipping hole in it.  The scooter has solid, not pneumatic, tires.  The ride is rough.

The rough ride jiggled the latte and it spurted out the hole like the famous blow hole on Kauaii. I left a trail of mocha from Starbucks to the old folks home.  There is still plenty left to sip as I write this.  There will be some left to take to breakfast, and even enough to share a sip with my tablemate.  However, she likes her coffee black... not sweetened nor laced with milk and chocolate. No matter, I will enjoy it.

A note on something completely different: AOL says that the average user checks his email about five times a day. That sounds about right.  I may be a bit above average.  (Write me.)


plieck30 said...

I love those cups. I buy coffee on the way to the ranch and transfer it into the cup. When we hit a hog rooting some of it oozes out but it is better then a regular cup. As for e-mail, I only check mine once or twice a day. I know people who only check it once a week or so. That would drive me crazy. I love e-mail. Paula

fisherkristina said...

Oh my, I guess I am average also.  I check my emails at LEAST five times a day.  I didn't know everybody else were email junkies also! -Krissy

plittle said...

We're Starbucks regulars, but we usually go for the Caramel Macchiato.

kt4pr said...


I'm a new reader of your blog and I must say, I'm enjoying every word!

I am a 61-year old book publicist/writer/literary agent. Your voice is refreshing and sprightly. I look forward to your next "adventure!"


ryanagi said... I above average since I leave my email window open all the time so I can see if I got anything new at a glance? (And I glance almost constantly since I sit at this desk for a large part of my day. LOL)

valphish said...

Five times, wow, that IS alot.  I only get on once a day.  I guess most people have cable connection now.  I can' get myself to sit down at the computer that many times now.  Too fatigueing.  I guess we are addicted to these good old boxes.  Now when I DO get at the computer in the morning I get on for a few hours. lol  You are making me want one of those yummy coffees!  Love ya, Grampy Groundhog! xoxo