Friday, June 3, 2005

Two Movies that Went Past the Ending

What do you mean "They went past the ending?"

I mean,that when I thought the plot was complete, the story continued.  To me it was sort of like the sequel tacked onto the orignial.  It was okay, but sort of longer than it needed to be.

The movies were 50 First Dates with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore and Somethings Gotta Give with Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton.

Both are cute movies and you have to love the story. But a funny thing happened when I was watching First Dates. I was so entranced that I forgot to go to dinner.  When Adam and Drew finally kissed I shut off the film and hurried to dinner.

Later I came back and noticed that there were a lot of scenes listed that I didn't remember.  I didn't remember them, because I hadn't seen them.  They were in a part of the film that followed the big kiss that I had seen.  I had missed their getting married, having kids, and moving to Alaska, duh.  Like half the movie.

So I watched that movie too, sort of a 50 First Dates II.

In Somethings Gotta Give Nicholson and Keaton realize they are in love.  Hooray, but the story doesn't end there.  Nicholson plays a numbskull who can't bring himself to say "I love you" outloud, and Keaton plays a numbskull who has to hear it outloud or she cannot stand it.So they part, she moves to Paris, gets engaged and he alley-cats around for a year without her.  In Something's Gotta Give II, Nicholson goes to Paris to find her, still can't say "I love you" out loud, but this time, at least, she accepts him without his saying it.  Fade out in the Paris snow beneath the Eiffel Tower.

Four cute movies masquerading as two with attached sequels.


mavarin said...

I guess you're not one to watch a movie all the way through to the last second of the end credits, as I am!  A lot of films now have "Easter eggs" at the end--not a whole "What do you mean, I missed half of the movie?" but some cute little outtake or extra scene or something.  It's the director's "thank you" for sitting through the credits.

What you did here reminds me of Phoebe in Friends, a show I personally don't like much.  In one of the few episodes I watched, Phoebe discovers that her parental unit used to turn off the movie before the end to protect Phoebe from sad or disturbing endings, such as the death of Old Yeller.  In this case, though, you did it to yourself!


valphish said...

Yes, I think sometimes they actually ruin movies by adding too much, gilding the lily I suppose.  I did like both of these movies, though, sort of.  Well, maybe I liked them because I like the actors.  Hmm... gotta think about that.  If they had actors I didn't know in them they just might have been pretty bad movies!  It has to make you think!  You take care, Chuckie Boy!  Love ya! xox

monponsett said...

They did the same thing with Casablanca. Although few people are aware of it, in the Past The Ending part of that film, Humphrey- really a Nazi collaborator- whips out a heretofore yet uninvented Stinger shoulder held anti-aircraft missile and brings down the getaway plane into a fiery Mediterranean crash.

In another classic, Old Yeller also returns to the house, sheds the bullet-proof faux fur jacket he had been wearing, and bites the hand that shot him.