Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Quiet Moment == Well, Quieter

   I pause in my old man's ritual: bed to bathroom to bed.  It is dark and quiet.  In the next room a tiny voice from my talking watch says quietly, "It's five o'clock, M."  (A programming glitch omits the A in AM.  That's okay.  If you don't know the difference between AM and PM you need more than a watch to keep your time straight.)

   I live in the city.  It is a small city, but like cities everywhere, it is never totally quiet.  A city "hums", always hums. Through the open window comes the sound of tires on pavement, trash trucks making early morning pick up, a train.  But at five 'M'. they sound soft and far away. I listen for familiar night sounds, crickets, frogs, dogs barking. Nope, none of that. 

   The moon is nearly full, it shines upon the Starbuck's parking lot.  It is mainly lost there in the parking lot lamps.  A predawn glow lightens the sky to the east.  Morning in the city.  A gentle reminder of other mornings in my life.  It is nice to pause and enjoy.

   I remember one particular morning in Hesperia, on the California high desert, at a moment like this.  I paused near an open window and heard the familiar night sounds, including the crickets and frogs and owls and barking dogs.   The moon shone clearly and the sounds came from distant ranches.  A car passed and you could clearly follow its passing until it was a full two miles away.

   There have been far too few moonlight walks on the beach, moonlight walks in the snow in my eighty years.  Too little boating to watch the moon set and the sun rise over the water.  Oh, how I relish these memories. 

   Just think, I might have slept through this wonderful moment. 



magogos said...

Thank you for reminding me, in the most wonderful way, to live more in the moment. Love, Margo

kt4pr said...

I truly appreciate these musings. We tend to push onward, forgetting how quickly life passes. Your memories are tender reminders to savor each day. Thank you, Kae

plieck30 said...

I'm glad you didn't sleep through that early morning moment. You can always take a nap later. There is nothing like those early morning moments if you live in the city or the country. Paula

valphish said...

Oh, this was sooooooo lovely!!  I love nights!  The air, sounds, the moon!  It is so quiet and still!  Thanks for sharing your night with us!!!! xox

ryanagi said...

Thanks for the reminder...I'll try for a moonlit walk on the beach next week. :-)

mavarin said...

I looked for the moon shortly after sunset tonight.  It was a no-show. - Karen

jouell3935 said...

I stand in awe!!!!!! How absolutely beautiful...I am one to relish in those moments as well. I had learned very young to do so, with some sad realities that life was way too short to miss them! Thus within that sadness I have found happiness and joy!

Congratulations on the honor Paul has bestowed upon you/your writing. Although this visit is brief, I shall return! I understand why Paul picked your journal.

I am the "host" of one of the picks, and after visiting all of you, I feel so deeply honored to have a creation of mine{built by Jlanders} be included with the likes of yours!!!

sherm197 said...

Hi Chuck, I was so delighted to meet (blogging of course) someone in my age group doing journals. Some of the blogs are too young, but a good way for the youth to meet, for my needs. I'll stay tuned in once in a while! Oh, I, too, have a motorized chair, similar to your motorized scooter. I am retired art teacher so don't expect much in the spelling department and writing for that matter, but I'm getting better. This blogging stuff keeps the senility away. You have a nice way of expressing yourself that I enjoy. Happy Blogging. Sherm