Sunday, June 12, 2005

Meet the Press

Even after years and years and YEARS, Meet the Press, CBS news, on Sundays is still the most prestigious news interview show it seems to me.

I used to listen l-o-n-g ago to find out what the "real story" was in politics, and today I happened upon it.  It is still current and important.  Today: Should U.S. have a political prison in Guantanimo Bay? Is Hillery really going to run for President?  (The answer to both seems to be YES.)

They keep us current, and perhaps they keep us straight.  Every politician knows he may have to answer for his deeds on Sunday, on Meet the Press.

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kateh2ocolorart said...

That's pretty cool...I'd forgotten about Meet the Press, yet I still think I PREFER the DAILY SHOW...Jon Stewart is smart and really puts it all into hilarious perspective for me!
FAKE NEWS!  What a way to go!