Tuesday, July 4, 2006

clearer Look at Carmel Fudge (et al)

Okay, here's a clearerlook at Carmel Fudge (aka Simba, Bird, Miss Kitty, Owl, )

Longer view showing size.

Ignoring the water that was set out for her, she drinks her fill from a mud puddle.

Resting and looking healthy enough.  She got into the building while we were watching fireworks.


tendernoggle said...

She is so pretty and sweet looking! She is smart too...sneaking in while yall were out watching fireworks! lol

mavarin said...

She looks like a sweet cat.  She deserves a home! - K.

garnett109 said...

She looks like a Queen to me!

kateh2ocolorart said...

Just a btw....and maybe somebody else can confirm or deny this...I think that a flea collar has to be snug around the neck to work.  Miss Caramel Fudge Queen Kitty is wearing hers like a strand of pearls.
LOL  Kate

chasferris said...

regarding the fit of the flea collar....you may be right,but who is going to catch her and adjust it?

plieck30 said...

My cat Susie likes to drink the water that drains from the A/C unit. We don't like our tap water, maybe she doesn't either. Paula

fisherkristina said...

Curious cat.  Question: Why would she drink from a mud puddle?  
Oh looky, she has a face now!!!  Maybe you better keep her!