Monday, July 17, 2006

Jasmin, the Cat -- Jasmin?

   I stoppped by the travel agency next door, and met the agent, Chris, a nice friendly lady.

   "I stopped to ask about the cat," I started. 

  Chris beamed. "Oh, she lives with me. I took her home and set up a place in the garage.  It has a door so she can go in and out."  Chris kept her closed in for a day, and then opened the kitty door, and she was quite content to stay and goes in and out at will. She is very friendly and affectionate. 

   Chris almost missed getting the cat.  Someone else had the kitty in their car, about to "take it for a ride, away from here" and presumably lose it somewhere.  Chiis explained that she needed a pet, having had her two previous pets pass away.  The person reprieved kitty, and put her back on our door step, and friends of Chris brought her to Chris.

   The friend's daughter named the kitty, Jasmin, and Chris let the name stand.  So Jasmin has a home. Jasmin is scheduled for a spaying so she wont be raising litter after litter of babies.

   I gave Chris the photos I had taken of the cat, when her name was still Carmel-fudge, or whatever, and she was delighted.  "Tell folks she has a happy home."

   On my way back I saw Inga still looking in the shrubbery for the cat and told her the news and she was pleased.  Later I found out that Inga does have a cat here at the old folks home.  I asked what her cat was named.

   Inga said, "Kitty."


jckfrstross said...

i am so glad jasmine has a good home:) you are quite the reporter. now your next mission find ingas cat and get a picture of it. lol enjoy your week


garnett109 said...

Chase thank you for the update now jasmin has a loving home, now can you go visit if you whant?

plieck30 said...

So glad to hear the good news and I like the name but now you will lose out on some good entries unless of course Chris keeps you informed. Thanks, Paula

bamawmn46 said...

Chuck, It'll be interesting to see Inga's cat, Kitty. I'm glad Jasmin found a new home and is about to be a Non-Productive citizen!!  LOL

elleme2 said...

Chris and Jasmine seem to be made for each other.  I do like stories with happy endings.  Thanks for brining us this one.  

msecz said...

Jasmin is the name of my new little Great Grandaughter. lol Glad to hear she found a good home and regular meals and a bit of love to boot. Sandra

fisherkristina said...

Yikes, Carmel Fudge's name is Jasmin?  Glad she has a good home.  


tendernoggle said...

Well, so glad that ended in a good light!
Thanks for letting us kitty lovers know!

mavarin said...

Hooray for happy endings!  Especially in real life.  - Karen