Saturday, July 8, 2006

Mini History Quiz

Here's a Mini-Quiz.  Name the original thirteen colonies.  As a hint I give you the founding date...but maybe that makes it harder.  Run your cursor over the question to reveal the answer.


1607     VA

1620     MA

1636     NY

1633     MD

1636     RI

1636     CT

1638     DE

1638     NH

1653     NC

1663     SC

1664     NJ

1682     PA

1737     GA


garnett109 said...

Hell, All I know was pa, R.I , m.d., were 3 of the thirteen!

elleme2 said...

I was really surprised at the identity of the 13.  Thought SURE Virginia was one of the original group and would have been equally sure that Connecticut came along much later.  Just shows how wrong assumptions can be.

elleme2 said...

Oops!  Proving my point about assummptions, I guess.  Virginia IS there and I just didn't see it the first time around.  I assumed I had exposed all of the thirteen but found I hadn't when I double-checked AFTER I hit the "Save" button.