Friday, July 7, 2006

Supreme Court Quiz

What do you know about the supreme court?

Run your cursor over the question to reveal the answers.

How many justices are there? Nine

How many are women? One

Pick the women justices:

Sarah Jessica Parker

Hillary Clinton

Dame Edith Sitwell

Rose Day O’Conner

Ruth Ginsburg  This is the one

The number of justices is set by…


presidential edict,


act of congress. This is it.

Name an ex-president who served on the supreme court. TAFT

Name and ex-vice president who became a justice. BYRNES

Name a supreme court Justice who became a president NONE



Yes or no

The justices have to come from different geographic sections of nation NO

They are required by law to wear black robes when court is in session. NO

Supreme court has owncourt house YES

Court sessions are held once every four years. NO Every Year October to October

After twenty years of service and associate justice becomes Chief Justice NO

Pick the current members of the supreme court

Sandra Day O’Conner

Sam Alito Yes

Steven Breyer Yes

Arthur Goldberg

Abe Fortas

John Roberts Yes

Stephen Breyer Yes

Thurgood Marshall

John Jay

Antonin Scalia Yes

Anthony Kennedy Yes

John Marshall

Louis Brandeis

Clanence Thomas Yes

Oliver Wendell Holmes

Ruth Ginsburg Yes

David Souter Yes

Which one is the chief justice John Roberts



elleme2 said...

You caught me on the ex-president and ex-vice-pres, stuff, but, surprisingly, I got the rest.   Well OK, there were a couple of lucky guesses in there.

garnett109 said...

I got most of them by guessing!