Sunday, July 16, 2006

Following up Carmel Fudge (aka Simba, Bird, Miss Kitty, Owl) -- The Cat

   Since it has been a couple of weeks since I saw Our Cat with the myriad names, I asked the director of this Old Folks Home if she knew anything more about the feline's fate.

   The director nodded toward the next door business building, and said, "The lady in the travel agency over there said she was attracted to the cat and she was planning to take it home."

   I will inquire on Monday and see what I can find.  I will have to be discrete.  I cannot go blundering in brusquely demanding to know "What happened to our cat?"

   If I do that, the answer might be, "Wait a moment, I'll get her for you."  I don't want that.

   I want to be able to assure all of J-land that Carmel-fudge is safe and secure and loved, like a Callico Cat should be.

   The cat-saga may soon be concluded with a happy ending.



garnett109 said...

That is great all animals need a place to call home! Thank you for sharing!

bamawmn46 said...

I hope Carmel Fudge has found a new home!!  It'll be interesting to find out the name this lady has given her!!  

tendernoggle said...

Wouldn't that be so wonderful..that a loving home was found for the kitty? We all so need to be loved...

plieck30 said...

Yes do let us know what you find out. I was kind of hoping the cat would live there at the home but someone would have to be responsible. Maybe the lady will give her a good home. Paula

jmorancoyle said...

Good luck to you and to all your kitty cats. Carmel Fudge is cute. I like that name.

fisherkristina said...

Let us know Chuck.  I care about Carmel Fudge.