Thursday, March 1, 2007

Dumb Ass Quiz

Read the question, take a flyer at the answer, run your cursor over the answer, kick yourself.  In that order.

How many of the United States names have a vowel in them?  Fifty, and I am surprised how many people think there are fifty-two states.

If  plane flying from Canada to the United States crashes on the border, where do you bury the survivors?  Nowhere.  Survivors get very upset if you try to bury them.

How many three cent stamps in a dozen.  Twelve of anything in a dozen.

How many red stripes in the US flag?  Seven, and six white ones for a total of thirteen stripes.

If a rooster lays an egg on the continental divide, do the eggs roll east west, north, or south?  Roosters don't lay eggs...hens do.

If you call his tail a leg, how many legs has a mule?  Four.  Calling a tail a leg doesn't make it one.

Can they hang a man with a wooden leg in Texas?  You cannot hang anybody anywhere with a wooden leg.  You have to use a rope.


jennyp51 said...

ha ha very good.
Jenny <><

jckfrstross said...

LMAO i love these quizes thank you again


garnett109 said...

my good friend I had a good laugh with this thanks , it cheered me up!

plittle said...

I got one wrong, the one about the flag. My flag only has two red stripes on it.