Tuesday, March 6, 2007


Tell me about "tags" someone, please. I haven't been using them...but it sounds like a good idea.  I just forget to add them when I finish an entry.

Has anyone used the few tags I have used to find me?

And how do I use tags to find other blogs that might interest me?

PS...thanks to comment by Mary (Hunybee) below I found I could go to technorati and enter a word and get links to anyone who has used that word in his blog.  It was fast and spectacular... 18000 links from one word. Roses.  And fast... it lists the link according to recency... as recent as eighteen minutes old. I haven't learned much about it yet, but it led me to interesting blogs.  I could spend a whole day following he trail of links.  Thanks Mary and others


garnett109 said...

Don't Know Chuck, I try to keep the computer simple.

msecz said...

I don't know but would like to. Hope someone answers you. :>)  Sandra

hunybea4him said...

I'm not an expert on the subject, just started using them more but I'll tell you what I know.. and I am sure that AOL Journal's Editor has a post some where about it since they introduced it.

when you put in a key word as a tag it will appear on technorati's website that lists other blogs that have used the key word as a tag in a post.. a nice way to see what others are saying on the topic or tag word.. click the tag word link in a post and it sends the reader there.

Technorati is something like a smaller version of a search engine and you can have a profile on there but I don't think it is nessary to have a profile to enter tags and be found.. just a nice way for others to know who you are and what your blog is about.

So if you want to know what others are saying or find other blogs entries on the same topic.. and not just aol blogs.. play around with the tag system.    Now I am not sure what "digg this" and "del.icio.us" is.. that is new to me and I havnt had time to explore it.  If you do, post about it and explain it to the rest of us.

hope that helpped some

Much Love,

jckfrstross said...

tags to me are the graphics i add to my journal:) the other kind i have no idea


mavarin said...

As someone else said tags help people to find blog entries on a particular subject.  It works inside a particular blog, too, so if you tag your entries as quizzes, seniors, flying, VA, WW II, Paint, Humor and so on, then it's easy to pull up those sorts of entries later.  Worth doing, I think.


astaryth said...

Hey Chuck.. you don't even have to go to technorati... just click on a tag at the bottom of your entry and it will take you to a page with the same tag.