Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Since You Asked...

Since you asked...

Where did your great great grandmother's surname originate, Chuck?
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pharmolo - 3/27/07 4:48 PM

Alida Wyncoop born Aug 31, 1801 to JamesWynkoop and Cathalena Dunbar

James Wynkoop was born  March 8, 1759 to Jacobus Wynkoop and Alda Myers.

Jacobus Wynkoop was born March 3, 1725 to Benjamin Wynkoop and Femmetje Vanderpool

Benamin Wynkoop was born Sept 8 1673 to Cornelius Wynkoop and Maria Langedyck in Albany New York.

Cornelius Wynkoop was born in 1641 to Peter Wynkoop.

But where great great great great great great great grandfather Peter got  his surname, I do not know.

Aren't you glad you asked?


myrdog said...

How great to trace your folks back so far. What country were they from originally?

kateh2ocolorart said...

Likely in Holland, don't you think?

garnett109 said...

Wow , that is along list of relatives you got there!

pharmolo said...

It does sound like they originated in Holland, thanks for the info. And well done for being able to trace back your ancestry this far!

tellsg said...

Blimey Chuck, how nice that you know your background.  I thought I did and then I discovered my father used a completely different name at one point (from birth until he came to England when he was 25)which he never told us about!  Same on mum's side too!  Guess we'll never really know.  Hugs.  Terry x

monponsett said...

The name looks Dutch, as do the NY ancestors... so I'll the name came to your family by a wine-selling ancestor (the name loosely translates to "wine-cup").

You have to know these sort of things when you're French, sir.... that's why I was able to answer that off the top of my head.