Monday, March 5, 2007

Weekend Assignment #154 -- Car or Computer: Your Choice

John Scalzi in By the Way asks us to choose: If we could have only one, car OR computer, which would it be?

In my case the choice is easy.  My car sits mostly, but my computer is in use eighteen hours a day... and sometimes in the middle of the night.


My current computer                           My current car

For extra credit he asks which cost more: your first car or your most recent computer.  I laughed.  they cost the same. $800.  But $800 was harder to come by in 1943 than is was in 2005


garnett109 said...

way back in the early 80's you could pick up a good used car around 400 to 800 dollars!
minium wage was $3.45 an hour!

plieck30 said...

Now that would be a hard decision to make and I am glad I don't have to make it. Paula