Sunday, March 18, 2007

How Dumb Can You Get - II

Last time I went to the market for tomato juice and pineapple juice, I was trying to economize.  Juice is more convenient in plastic bottles than cans.  Cans have to be punched open with a can opener, and the juice has to be transferred to bottles anyway.  You cannot tell how much remains in an opened can. But juice in cans is cheaper... or so I thought.

So I bought four 46 oz cans of juice and lugged them home in my scooter.  Each can cost $2,08.

At home I opened one can of tomato juice and poured it into an empty juice bottle for storage.  Hmm.  A can of juice doesn't fill the empty bottle.  Aha... the bottles are two quart bottles.

Two quarts of juice costs $2.49.  I had passed on the more costly juice, but there is more of it in a bottle than a can.

I had outsmarted myself again.  I had bought the less convenient cans to save a few cents, but the juice is CHEAPER in the handy bottles that I had really wanted.

How dumb can you get?


garnett109 said...

A good lesson learned , never thought about the price of Juice.

madcobug said...

Guess you should have checked the ounces in one then added the ounces in the others and compared HUH? I compare prices and quanity a lot in things like that. Always have. When my son married, he and his wife went grocery shopping and he did that. She was not used to doing that. Then once she and I went shopping and she saw me doing that she said "ah ha! Now I see where he got that from" I never knew it had rubbed off on him LOL. Helen

kateh2ocolorart said...

Ahh, that happens to people all the time, Dad!  However, a trick I've learned is that on the shelf price tag, they figure it out for you...cost per ounce.  It is in small print, but it IS there!

msecz said...

Well Chuck, I guess that is how we learn and now you know the truth of the matter and shared it with me so I know too. Thanks, Sandra

tellsg said...

But hey, look at the fun you had working it out.  Hugs.  Terry x

monponsett said...

I blame the Jews for everything, too... oh wait, you said "juice?"