Friday, March 9, 2007

State Symbols

Each state, and our country too, has a state flower, a state bird, and a state animal.  California has the Poppy, the quail, and the bear.  I think we need a state aquatic mammal too the California Sea Lion.

Sea Lions used to play about my boat, lounge on marker buoys, and even swim past my dock from time to time.  A Sea Lion passing by would alert my dog, Griff, and he would let me know. We once tried to follow a Sea Lion up our channel in our boat, but he eluded us.

Some states have a state reptile...the iguana.  The armadillo is a state animal somewhere.  Whatever is indigenous to a state is a good candidate.  Grizzly bears, timber wolves, foxes, ground hogs all qualify as state animals somewhere.

What other state symbols might we adopt?  California has a state mineral: gold. We may have a state tree too: the redwood  New Hampshire has a state geologic formation: the great stone face, although his chin fell off recently.

Vermont may have a state syrup: maple.  Louisiana the state crustacean: the craw dad.

Let's hear it...what is your state quadruped, insect, fruit, prehistoric creature.  What state wants the Mastodon, the Sperm Whale, the Minotaur?

PS...Garnett writes to tell me Pennsylvania has gone me one better. Tthey even have a state folk dance (The Square Dance) a state Railroad bridge, a state Pop's Orchestra, a state trolley museum, and a state cookie..(Chocolate Chip).


plittle said...

  How about the California Golden Seals? No, wait. That's the official state defunct NHL hockey team.

mavarin said...

Let's hear it for the Copper State and its Cactus Wren.