Saturday, May 31, 2008


I cnnot explain how ctushed I feel this morning.  M toolbar is gone AGAIN and I cannot connect to Dribble without a battle.  Then I try to reach olf familiar photobucket to add a picture of my new great grandson.. and I cannot.  Bucket has about four different main pages and I always reache the wrong one... the tool bur used to keep me straight.  Finally I rech the log in oage and try to log u=in.. it wont accepot my password... somehow I have THAT wrong too.  fo I ask for my opass word and it says..NOT in database.  I paid them real money..twenty five bucks or more..and they dont recognise my name anynore.  so I come back here and thpe this without  proofingin it.  It just shows how depressed I am.  I feel the frustration in the oit of my stomach.  and I dont mine whining about it. sorry angie

   And, that's not all.  I tried to make my usual morning call to my Cousin Bertha, age 92, at the hospital where I talked to her yestrerday mornng, and am told "She's NOT a patient here."  I understand... maybe they/ve moved her to another hospital.. sure..but where?  Can the operator tell me? No, of coursse not. 

   At least she didn't tel me to call the "looooong distance" operatoer.  A grim joke like that wojld have been all I could take this morning. 

   Cursed... I TOLD THE MACHINE... 14 POIHT. And it came jp tiny ten or something less.


madcobug said...

Now that is what I call a bad day. I hope things improve for you soon Chuck and that you can find out where your Cousin Bertha is. Helen

fisherkristina said...

I have been having difficulties lately too Chuck, all kinds.  But not as bad as you.  But especially my 14 point and 12 point fonts come out as 10 or 8.  Ugghhh.  BTW, congrats on winning the Weekly Sentence!

Krissy :)

dsonney01 said...

good sentence for val- congrats! funny site, yes you do have a sense of humor, maybe that our reward if we were decent young people- I really try to laugh everyday even at myself! Maybe your toolbar is in the closet- that's where I keep mine! Ha. Dannelle

garnett109 said...

chuck , i wish i could help you but I don't know how

lv2trnscrb said...

I'm sorry you are having problems connecting to your journal and photobucket and I hope someone can help you; I'm so computer illiterate, otherwise I would try to assist

wanted to congratulate you on a great weekly sentence from Val's There's a Season;

very clever!! Hiliary needs to see that sentence for sure

congrats again


jmorancoyle said...

     Please feel better. This too shall pass.

bamawmn46 said...

Cousin Bertha has been ill??  OH NO!! Please let us know how she is!!

Just an idea and this is what I do to get to my blog... I have put it on my favorites list just at the very top. All I have to do is click on favorites, and there it is! It 'sticks' better than the toolbar for me!