Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Couldn't Find Email Address

   Pardon me while I use dribble for parsonal letter -- I couldn't find Angie's email address...but you can listen's okay.

   Angie asked if my Mother had remarried and how I lost my father at such and early age.  Father drowned before I was one.  Mother dated several fellows, who befriended me, but one was my favorite, Bart, and they were married. I continued living with my Grandparents and they lived next door.

   But here...this link tells trhe story too.

  And, Oh, Mary, I did not shoot any Italians in WWII.  I shot at a German tank, but the shells bounced off.  The rattle of bullets on the outside of their tank may have given them a headache, though.


frankandmary said...

To be honest, Chuck, I think a few of the Italians shot at German tanks too...... ;-0 ~Mary

peytonswater said...

you can always contact me at or just write me here is fine to :)

Thank you for answering my question! And Mary's! hahahah

That must have been devestating for your mom, to lose her husband and have such a young child.  


ng2000news said...

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