Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Food Shortage

   PEOPLE SAY there is going to be a food shortage.  They also say prices are going to go sky-high.  However, my latest trip to the market found things that I buy are the same price as usual -- or less.  I hope that continues.

   My General Foods International Orange Cappuccino,, my self-indulgent treat to myself, stays the same ghastly $4.85 for a 10 ounce can. What that comes to per cup I have no idea, nor do I dare figure it out, for fear that I would give it up if I knew.  My store brand raisin bran muffins were the same $4.29 for four.  I eat one per day, so I can afford that.

   But three things were cheaper.  Limes have been 25 cents each for a long time are now 10 cents each. That is a remarkable drop percentage-wise. The 10 cent limes are hard little green lumps with no taste, but maybe a spell in a paper bag will soften them up some.

   Avocados had been $2.00 each. Well, $1.99 actually...nothing is priced in even dollars.. And the crop was sitting on the shelf so long they were getting gooshy, The new crop is less,, $1.67, and they are firm and fresh.

   Store brand mayonnaise on sale is $2.09 per quart, compared to $4.85 for Best Foods Brand.

   Mind you, I live in an old folks' home and they feed us, I don't need any of this stuff.  But shopping is something to do, so I indulge myself, and call it my "entertainment allowance".

   If food prices do sky-rocket in the near future, I will have to change my hobby to bird watching or 99 cent store cruising.


jeadie05 said...

The only thing is ,it will be a good excuse for the care home to charge you more rent for your food etc you cant win you know hee hee ...love Jan xx

madcobug said...

As the price of fuel goes up so will groceries because it takes more $$$ to truck that stuff in. I am very useasy about all this. Helen

msecz said...

I just read in the paper this morning the price of food will double..... sure glad Im through raising my 7 children

peytonswater said...

Noooooooooooooooo don't sink to Bird Watching, you will fall asleep and become this vegi.  NO BIRDS!