Thursday, May 22, 2008

High Pressure

   There's a high pressure area over the Pacific and a Low pressure area over Las Vegas.  All that high pressure air has to rush to fill that low pressure area.  And what stands in the way?


   And the rest of the San Joaquin valley.  My God how the wind blows.And blows.  A huge tree crashed down just missing one wing of the old folks home. It was right outside Emma's room. Emma who used to think that people were out to get her, now thinks the world is out to get her.

   The gardener is programmed to use the blower to collect leaves on Wednesdays brought out his blower to blow leaves into a pile, but he was not match for the wind.  He was blowing from the South and the Wind was blowing from the North and the leaves were caught between and swirled in a sort of reverse tornado and swooped up and were caught by the wnd overhead and carried off to somewhere in the next county..

   I went out at four am to look at the Moon.  It was beautiful. /Thy sky was clear, the Moon was full, and the wind rustled the trees steadily. Within the next twenty four hours the moon will pass within a few degrees of a bright star. I don't  know the name of that bright star, but I can Google it.  You can Google the sky, just like you can Google the whole Earth. I will find a sky chart and see what bright star is due south at 4 am, I was enthralled, but I had to retreat because of the wind chill.

   The ride in my power chair was rough bumping over fallen branches, and a bit spooky, knowing that at any moment a huge branch could break off and fall, or that another whole tree could give up the battle and topple down where you were passing  It was a rewarding adventure and I made it all in my pajamas.  I came in and the caregivers gave me a hot cup of fresh coffee.  I enjoyed the high pressure over the Pacific..


specialadyfink said...

carried off to somewhere in the next county..

well that got good rid of em,LOL

Ride safely-zoom-zoom

garnett109 said...

Cold , damp, rainy, and the wind blowing here in pa.

plieck30 said...

Are you the caregivers pet? A hot cup of fresh coffee early in the morning. I hope you are their favorite. Paula

sanguinelioness said...

The winds were CRAZY in San Francisco as well. I was praying for the sun to return, but next time I will remember to say hold the wind!

kateh2ocolorart said...

You ARE the 4am I was huddled under my covies LISTENING to the effects of the wind whooshing over my second story bedroom roof and the CLANGING of my wind chimes, just WAITING for the hummingbird feeder to go crash on the cement patio below! So far, only a few shingles have blown away.  Crossing fingers that all my remaining trees are well rooted and the fence will hold!
Batoning down the hatches once again.  I sort of dread the drive south on Hwy 99 this light little car bounces around the road and those hoards of 18 wheelers feel even MORE intimidating~!
Love, Kate

frankandmary said...

To think I wasted 4 am by sleeping.  That was near perfect, Chuck, & the hot coffee was a great cap. ~Mary

valphish said...

Adventures are fun!  I am often up in the middle of the night.  I like the nighttime.  No one else is up and I can do whatever I want in the quietness =), all alone.  It is nice =)!  Sending love, Val ox