Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mickey Finn

   I don't know who Mickey Finn was, nor why his name became attached to "knock out" drops.  But as kids we all knew that if some one slipped a potion in your drink you passed out immediately. That potion was called a Mickey. Obstreperous customer at a bar? "Slip him a Mickey" and he'll bother you no more. He's out like a light.

   I gave myself a Mickey last night.  I have these new pain pills and I had stomach pains last evening. "Well," said I,"It's time to try the new pills." So  I took one.  A few minutes later I lay down on my bed, fully clothed, to rest a moment before watching late evening TV. Un-huh.  I woke up six hours later, at four am, still dressed on top of my bed. I stopped the pan by passing out.  I guess I snored a roar for my throat is dry and sore.

   I just remembered the name of the "knock out" drops.  It is not the same as the pain pill.  I may ask the doctor for some knock out pills.  They might come in handy when the infrequent but extreme "phantom pain" hits me in my missing foot.  How can you get a pain in a foot the has been gone since 1945?  I don't know how, but it comes from time to time and nothing stops it. A knock out drop could be very handy.Just put yourself to sleep until it passes.


valphish said...

Phantom pain does sound very mysterious.  My pain medicine doesn't knock me out.  It actually gives me energy because I'm not fighting the pain anymore.  It is different for each person, I guess.  I am glad it is working for you.  I love you, Chuck!!  Have a good one!  Love, Val (a.k.a Honey Spring and Granddaughter Groundhog)xox

sybiljb said...

I have heard of the phantom pain, but wasn't sure it did happen until you mention you having them. I hope you are feeling better this morning. Be careful taking the Mickey.

madcobug said...

Would you believe pain pills makes my tummy hurt as well as makes me sick at my tummy? Therefore I can't take any kind for this bad back. Just have to use an ice bag. I have heard of those phantom pains when missing a limb. I pray that your stomach pains and the other pains soon go away for good. Helen

garnett109 said...

send some my chuck two total hips and this rain is killing me!

jmoqueen said...

Hey Chuck, congrats on being guest editors pick this week xx


jmorancoyle said...

    Thinking about the choice between sleeping a full night in my clothing or being awake and in pain, I say sweet dreams. Hope you feel better very soon.

bamawmn46 said...

Sometimes sleep, no matter how it comes, is a blessing!! I hope your pain is just a little easier!

Tomorrow is graduation for my class. Can you believe another school year has come and gone??