Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial DAy

  I have a feeling that Memorial Day will not be very memorable. It started at breakfast with the "silent treatment".

ME Oh, great the pancakes are served with strawberries and whipped cream.  I love 'em like that.

TABLEMATE. (Stares silently at me)

ME (Hearing some some coughs) Do kids still get Whooping Cough? I know they still get measles and mumps but I don;t hear about Whooping Cough anymore.

TABLEMATE (Stares silently at me)

   So I left and began reading journals. My daughter IM'd me and asked "How was 'Fun and Fitness'?"  I had complexly forgotten I was supposed to play my keyboard for Fun and Fitness.  I hurried to the parlor, but nobody was there.  Zero.  No Fitness...No Fun

   The housekeepers are off today... no room cleaning, no bed making.  The laundry lady is here, thank goodness, and picked up clothes to be washed.  But there is no staff, no activity director, the activity board is blank. Even our Rummy game is player got her feelings hurt and has quit, and she was the only one who talked there.  It will be a silent game without her.


valphish said...

Oh my, sounds like a quiet day.  I am sure you can find some mischief.  Chuck, on this Memorial Day, I want to thank you for fighting for our country.  Love, Val xox

garnett109 said...

I like blueberry pancakes

trishaham said...

Chuck, I hope in spite of the quietness surrounding you this day, You still enjoy some happy moments. You are so sweet. I hope you get a more talkactive tablemate soon.


jmorancoyle said...

    Try to have a better day. And thank you for your service to your country.

madcobug said...

Thank you Chuck for the service you did for our country. I hope you soon get a tablemate that will talk to you. This one probably doesn't even understand what you are saying huh? Poor thing, if that is the case. Helen

bamawmn46 said...

What an odd sort of day! No one talking, no one playing... Hope the bird in the bush gives you some entertainment today!!


plieck30 said...

Hope things liven up there a little more tomorrow. Thank you for serving our great country. Paula

peytonswater said...

I make my grandparents the best Bran Muffins (least they say so)  I would mail you some in a heartbeat if you ever wanted. I LOVE to make muffins.  I thought of you yesterday and want to say thank you for your time in the service for our country.
Sorry that huge tree has fallen down :(

irjoyce said...

Do kids still get Whooping Cough? I know they still get measles and mumps but I don;t hear about Whooping Cough anymore.

Yes, Uncle Chuck, some kids and adults do still get whooping cough.

In 1979, in England where they find the small risk of the immunization to be greater than the risk of the disease so do not allow the pertussis vaccine, both Phil and Brian contracted whooping cough in the short three months we were there.

It is called whooping cough for a very good reason......
Those that have it "whoop" to get breath and the episode usually ends in gagging and passing out.  Then, the whooping is over.

It has affected both Phil and Brian to this day.  Yes, they were also smokers which also compromised their lungs, BUT they are also very susceptible to respitory illnesses and, in Phil's case, coughing spells can still lead to passing out.

Love reading your blog,
Niece Joyce