Monday, May 5, 2008

Turnabout is Fair Play

Mrs E and Mrs L are constant companions, but none of us other residents can understand why. It seems to us that Mrs L would eventually kill Mrs E.

Mrs E constantly berates, nags, and scolds Mrs L.   Mrs L, through stroke or advanced age has lost most of her expressive speech and is somewhat confused. But Mrs L seeks Mrs. E’s company. She’ll walk into Mrs E’s room.

Mrs E: Good Lord, you scared the pee out of me. What do you want? Why do you walk in like that? Do you think I want to be scared? If I wanted to be scared I would look for a roller coaster. What do you want?

Mrs. L: Come on.

Mrs E: Come on where? Where do you want to go? Why don’t you say where we are going? Tell me.

Mrs. L: Down there.

Mrs E: Down where. Speak. Tell me where down there is. Am I supposed to guess? Jabber, jabber. All you do is jabber. I don’t know what you are saying.

…and it goes on like this for hours. It is a strange symbiotic relationship. Mrs E needs to scold, and Mrs L needs to be scolded.

Mrs L comes to breakfast but Mrs E likes to sleep in and have her morning coffee in her room.

Mrs E sent Mrs L to fetch her coffee this morning.

Mrs E: Go get me a cup of coffee.

Mrs L was going down the hall with a cup in her hand and Mrs E was standing in her doorway waiting. Halfway down the hall Mrs L stopped, holding the cup, looking confused. Mrs. E waited a moment, then grew impatient and stormed down the hall in her nightgown to where the bewildered Mrs L was standing.

Mrs E: Where’s my coffee? This is empty. I asked for a cup of coffee and you brought me a coffee cup.


bamawmn46 said...

aaawww... true companionship! It seems they need each other. Perhaps Mrs. E reminds Mrs. L of her mother.....


valphish said...

I know a couple of couples like this.  Yes, they seem to need each other.  Interesting.  Have a good week, Chuck!  Love, Val xox

madcobug said...

I was thinking along the terms of Jackie. Maybe in Mrs. L's mind Mr's E is her mother. Pitiful. Helen

sybiljb said...

Hi Chuck, Looks like Mrs L and Mrs E really need each other. Have a nice day.

jeadie05 said...

A true friendship ,because both are getting something from it Jan xx

plieck30 said...

I bet Mrs. E and Mrs. L would be lost without each other. Paula

peytonswater said...

Seriously, I would LOVE to live in a retirement home for a month :) I would have a blast, I really think I would. Ask them if they rent rooms by the month for people like looking to have fun :)