Sunday, May 11, 2008

Crossing the Atlantic

   I have crossed the Atlantic twice.  Once by air...coming home for WWII and once on the way... in the Aquitania.  (<-LINK) Worth a quick look.


garnett109 said...

She was a Beautiful ship

jocalodave said...

My father was transported to England on the Queen Mary.

He didn't get to fly back -- but he did return on an AIRCRAFT.....(carrier)

I don't recall how many high the bunks were stacked -- but it was HIGH!

I'm pretty sure it was the USS Lexington and pretty much everyone got seasick.

hugsdoodlewacky said...


jeadie05 said...

Where in the UK were you stationed Chuck ? I can remember American Airmen ,stationed at a camp near where I was brought up ,in a village in Northhamptonshire ,and the party the Yanks gave us kids when the war was over and they were due to go home Jan