Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Gods are Angry

The high winds cntinue, exceeding all forecasts.  You'd thin the high pressure area would have emptied into the low pressure area by now but no.

The trees continue to bend and drop branches.  no more collapsing though.  I like extreme weather.  If it is windy, I like a gale.  If it is fog, I like it so thick you cannot walk about. I like torrents of rain, and hot days.  However, that does not extend to cold.  I have seen below zero woeather, and I dont like it at all.

Blow ye winds Heigh Ho


jmorancoyle said...

    I live in the cruel north. Okay, I'm not that far north. I live in Chicago., which by the way got its name because our politicians are full of gas and not because of the winds. Still, come January, or this year, almost all year so far. I'd say I hate heat, too, except air conditioning works so well as compared to heat. Once cold, I can't warm up. I like the wind, too. As long as nothing gets ruined.

garnett109 said...

Come To Pa. The weather changes daily

valphish said...

I like weather extremes, too, but I don't like extreme heat and humidity.  I live in PA, too, so I agree with the person below.  You never know what you are gonna get here.  I hope you are having a nice Memorial Day weekend, Chuck!  Love, Val xox