Sunday, May 4, 2008

My Dog Spot

I am amused by things that are named for something they are NOT. A television salesman used to include his dog in his commercials. His dog was named Spot. Of course, Spot was a German Shepard and didn’t have spot on him. He was called Spot because he was spotless.

Even more amusing are the people who don’t “get it”. They look at the dog and say incredulously, “He hasn’t got any spot.” Right. It’s a joke. See?

My parents lived on a rural road which was often used by thoughtless people who wanted to get rid of their pets. They would drive along, see my parents’ place and say, “Here. These people look like they will take care of you. OUT.” And they would dump their pets on the roadside, leaving them to find someone who would care for them. And my parents did. They had several pets who arrived that way.

A pair of unwanted kittens who grew to cat-hood being loved by my parents were named This-one and That-one.. Worked well enough but I don’t remember if they knew their own names.

Later another orphan arrived and my mother looked in the encyclopedia to see what breed she was. It said, “Common Domestic Shorthair“. So that kitten became Common. That worked too because it was fun to say, “Come on, Common.”. That’s pronounced “Common Common”.

A Collie named Gale, not Gail, arrived the same way. They also had a Boxer named Bouncer. Another waif was Ittybit. Ittybit is baby talk for Little Bit, and Ittybit was tiny when she landed on the roadside near Parent’s gate.

My daughter and her husband got a Pit Bull puppy as the family pet. Knowing that Pit Bulls have a bad reputation they wanted the most benign name they could think of. The considered Blossom but settled on Possum. For a couple of years Possum lived up to her name and was the calmest cutest pet one could want. Then she started growling at the children in the family. Possum came to me. Possum and I got along well together, and I always felt safe in the car when she was along. It was like having a loaded gun on the seat beside you. When strangers approached the car, Possum’s growl would warn them not to touch the car or me.

Having a Pit Bull is like having a loaded gun. It is protection but it is an awful responsibility You don’t know what might set it off. Possum with the benign name eventually had to be put to sleep because she became vicious. A vicious dog with a sweet name is a joke, but not one to laugh at.

Naming things for something they are not is fun. If I had a Mexican Hairless I would call him “Harry”. (Hairy-- get it?) And one fond memory is of the lady who had the tiniest Chihuahua in the world with a squeaky little bark. His name?



bamawmn46 said...

What wonderful animal stories!!

I have a good friend with a Pit Bull. I'm sure glad the pit loves me! Once when I was in GA and spent the night w/ my friend Susan, I was sound asleep when the pit jumped upon the bed and woke me by giving me slurps! LOL  Of course, at first, I was startled to wake up with the pit right in my face!!


jocalodave said...

I think you were referring to Cal Worthington and his dog spot:

madcobug said...

Cute and amusing entry Chuck. I am afraid of pit Bulls or even part Pit Bulls. Of course I am afraid of most all large breeds of dogs. Helen

angelztchr said...

My parent's acquired a Chihuahua recently who came with the name pronounced Dee-Oh-Gee, and spelled Dog.  Creative?


jeadie05 said...

Great entry ,we once had a lovely Ginger Tom cat ,(he ruled the neighbourhood)he was called Bert ,shoo bert (Shubert )...get it ? lol Jan xx

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))))))))I love your story.That was neat of your parents to take in pets who needed a home.You are fmily seems to love animals.I love anaimials to.At one time,my dream was to,have a place that any aniamls who needed a place,that I would take them in.If I had my own place,I would.

plieck30 said...

Interesting and cute entry. Paula

valphish said...

You had witty parents.  I love that - Common and This -one and That-one.  I have a kitty that has the name Baby and is 25 pounds and a real bruiser.  It doesn't fit him.  LOL  I, too, find it funny when people name pets this way.  Love this entry, Chuck!  Love, Val ox