Friday, February 23, 2007

The Little Things

It is the LITTLE things that offend me.  Not much, but some.  And it is only because I am older.  They shouldn't bother me at all.  They are of NO consequence. But, yep, they get my goat... a little.  Not enough for me to complain out loud...except to you, right here, in confidence.

The resident who wears his hat in the dining room is one.  And he falls asleep at the table and his face falls into his food.  Wearing a hat indoors is his custom, and because it is not mine, should not offend me.

The fact that care givers and food servers wear JEANS on "casual Friday" is annoying.  They look me, that is.  Dress standards have changed...anyone can wear jeans now... bankers, waitresses, tv guests.  How come I cannot go with the flow?

The fact that some nice old ladies cannot leave their rooms even to stroll the halls without locking their doors and carrying their purses.  Now what earthly difference is it to me if they carry their purses.  Except is is our HOME, and they carry their purses with them to the dining room for gosh sakes.

Residents with scooters go too fast.  No one has been bumped or hurt.  Scooters stop on a dime, but I still think that anything faster than a slow walk is too fast for a scooter.  But it is none of my business.

The kitchen staff laughs and sings in the kitchen and plays the radio.  Well, it is their work place...they're stuck here eight hours a day, and they like to laugh and listen to the radio.  What difference is that to me.  And Oh, those clattering me.  and the Ice maker that whines a thousand cycle note twenty four hours a day.  Makes my hearing aids howl in resonance.  Offensive.

My table mate complains about everything...and reminds us how inadequate the food is for what we are paying.  and she argues and contradicts everything I say...even when I agree with her.  Very annoying.  She compares our old folks home with a prison.  That offends me too, because i like it here.

My it is annoying to me to be so cranky.  Never mind what things I do that may annoy others, we're talking about what annoys ME now...not the other way around. I think it is petty to be so petty

It is just, that when you are old, there are SO MANY little things.


garnett109 said...

My friend it sounds like cabin fever has got you down >
Cheer up and have a great weekend!

plieck30 said...

The ladies with their purses reminded me of a lady at the senior center who would hang her purse on her knee while she played donimoes. She acted as if she had her life savings in it. Maybe she did. Paula

msecz said...

Maybe its just the habit of the ladies to take their purses... you know just in case?  Some ladies just get into that habit and its hard to break. and that guy with the hat... is he bald? My sons wear their baseball hats a lot and I have to remind them still to remove them.... my youngest son said his head gets cold now. I guess there are all kinds of reasons for different behavior. Is it getting nice outside by you now? we are expecting a blizzard this week end now that bothers me   :>)  Hope you have a nice week end, Sandra

tellsg said...

Dear Chuck, its great you like living there but I suppose at times it must be like living with your family, they all drive you mad at times.  You have the advantage of a quick mind and wit and its a shame that at your age you do not appreciate why a lady needs her bag at all times!  I cannot go anywhere without my bag ... I need all those things with me at all times!  Hugs.  Terry x

jckfrstross said...

you need a break from home:) go and get out and enjoy your self:) have a good weekend


hopdiann said...

Hugs.... (if allowed)     (((((((((((((((Chas)))))))))))))))


margoooooo said...

Don't be fooled by the purse.  My mom is 93 and lives in an old folks home.  She carries her purse everywhere with her.  Guess What?  She only keeps Kleenex in it.  And she just had me help her buy a NEW purse.  LOL

tendernoggle said...

Chuck, you are very much aware of everything, and there's no harm in that! lol  One thing, though....the person that falls into his food should have somthing to keep him upright at meals.