Friday, February 23, 2007

Photo Round Robin - Something Red.

My belated entry into the Photo Round Robin: Topic "Something Red".

Herewith, my 92 year old cousin Bertha, who still has her red hair.  She doesn't color it.  She attributes its retaining its color due the the fact that she is a "vegetarian". What that has to do with hair color she does not explain.

             COUSIN BERTHA, AGE 92

Cousin Bertha lives alone and takes care of herself.  She finds life "lonely", but loves her independence.  She depends on friends to drive her to market and church.

She said this morning, "Oh I can't call myself a vegetarian anymore."  She bought a can of tuna, a can of sardines, and a can of salmon.  And she eats eggs.  A real vegetarian would not, she says.

She takes NO pills - hates them. 

Oh, I must be honest.  This picture was taken when she was a mere 88 years old.

PS...She opened the tuna and tasted it.  She didn't like it, so she put it out for the cat.   I suspect the sardines may feed the cat, too.


plieck30 said...

Well even at 88 she looks great. Maybe she eats a lot of carrots to make her hair red. Don't know. Paula

msecz said...

so you have good genes in your family.... she looks younger than me at 70... Sandra

tellsg said...

She looks like a lovely lady and doesn't she look good.  A smile goes a long way.  Hugs.  Terry x

jckfrstross said...

wow she is beautiful:) being a vegetarian and hair color thats a new one lol have a good weekend chuck


mavarin said...

What a fun interpretation of the topic, and a nice words-and-picture portrait of Bertha. - Karen

tendernoggle said...

Well by the looks of her, she has been doing something right!

valphish said...

Bertha is beautiful!  Wow, 88 and has red hair.  It's nice to see a picture of Bertha as you talk about her alot.  If she doensn't like tuna and doesn't eat meat, I suspect she won't like the sardines either.  LOL  Say hi to Bertha from J-Land =).. Love, Val xox