Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Vice Presidents Quiz

Here’s a really, really tough history quiz. VICE PRESIDENTS. After each President’s name are the initials of his Vice President. See how many you can name.

Scoring: If you name any more than the vice-presidents who became presidents, give yourself an A+. If you take the quiz at all. give yourself an A, unless you are a history major. We hold folks who hold BA degrees in history to a higher standard. But no one who has read this far gets less than a B.

Let‘s go…

George Washington‘s Vice President was John Adams.

Adams Vice President was Thomas Jefferson

Jefferson‘s first VP was Aaron Burr

Jefferson‘s second VP was George Clinton

Madison‘s first VP was George Clinton (same guy)

Madison‘s second VP was Eldridge Gerry (Think Gerrymandering)

Monroe‘s VP was Daniel Tompkins

John Q, Adams VP was John Calhoun

Jackson‘s first VP was the same John Calhoun

Jackson‘s second VP was next Pres: Martin Van Buren.

Van Buren’s VP was Richard Johnson

Harrison’s VP for 41 days was John Tyler

Tyler’s VP was None (Gotcha)

Polk’s VP was George Dallas

Taylor’s VP was next Pres, Millard Fillmore

Fillmore had no VP

Pierce’s VP was William King

Buchanan’s VP was John Breckenridge

Lincoln’s VP was Andrew Johnson

Johnson had no VP

Grant’s first VP was Schyler Colfax

Grant’s second VP was Henry Wilson

Hayes’ VP was William Wheeler

Garfield’s VP was next Pres: Chester Arthur

Arthur had no VP

Cleveland’s VP was Thomas Hendricks

Harrison’s VP was Levi Morton

McKinley’s first VP was Garret Hobart

McKinley’s second VP was next Pres: Teddy Roosevelt

Roosevelt’s VP was Charles Fairbanks

Taft’s VP was James Sherman

Wilson’s VP was Thomas Marshall

Harding’s VP became next Pres: Calvin Coolidge

Coolidge’s VP was Charles Dawes

Hoover’s VP was Charles Curtis

Roosevelt’s first was John Garner

Roosevelt’s second was Henry Wallace

Roosevelt’s third became next Pres: Harry Truman

Truman’s VP was Alben Barkley

Eisenhower’s VP was Richard Nixon

Kennedy’s VP was Lyndon Johnson

Johnson’s VP was Hubert Humphrey

Nixon’s first VP resigned: Spiro Agnew

Nixon appointed VP Gerald Ford

Ford appointed VP Nelson Rockefeller

Carter’s VP was Walter Mondale

Reagan’s VP was next Pres: George H. Bush

Bush’s VP was Dan Quayle

Clinton’s VP was Al Gore

George W. Bush’s VP is Dick Cheyney


msecz said...

interesting how many I didn't know... probably get a B on this one  :)  Sandra

garnett109 said...

chuck I failed pretty bad on this.

tellsg said...

Excuse me old chap, but this is a bit difficult for me, I had big problems with the Presidents!  Hugs.  Terry x http://journals.aol.co.uk/tellsg/bowl-of-cherries

jaykolb said...

Twenty-one!  (Math major)  The initials helped a lot.  The ones I missed I had mostly never even heard of before.  I guess some VPs were just not memorable.


desannie said...

Hey, I did better than I expected.  Got somewhere between 15 & 20 (didn't keep count) right.  Guess the fact that I love history had something to do with it.  Yes, some VP's are very forgettable!  Annie

jckfrstross said...

ok stupid question???? why did some not have VP? I failed this one bad real bad lol


chasferris said...

See question in comment below.  Some presidents did not have vice presidents because they had been the vice president themselves...and had taken over when the president died.  Befo xdsare WWII there was no provision for appointing a vice president when the office was vacant.  By the time
Spiro Agnew resigned the VP job, there was a law that said Congress cculd appoint a VP.  They appointed Ford, a congressman.  When Nixon resigned, Ford became president without ever having been elected.