Monday, February 5, 2007

Rap Song of Residents' Names


1. I went around an copied the names of all 93 residents off door plates.

2. I made a list of first names

3. I sorted first names by number of syllables

4. I sorted each list by which syllable was accented

5. I sorted each accented list by sound of final consonant

6. I put the sorted names into a song

7. I checked the song to see that everyone was included…once.

8. I selected music for the song

9. I played music, and sang the song

10. I recorded the song

11. I played the recording for residents

12. Nobody cared.

Rap song of residents' names...a work in progress.

Who Lives Here

Margaret, Margaret, Margaret, Margaret, Margaret, Margaret

Lorene, Loraine, Loraine, Loraine,

Colleen, Nadine, Gordon, Helen, Byron, Herman, John, John

Agnes, Annis, Ardis, Doris, Lois, Louis, Lucy, Iris, Inis, Grace, Grace

Anna, Darla, Clara, Donna, Edna, Emma Ilah, Inga, Myrla, Thelma, Vera

Lydia, Wilma, Wilma, Paulina. Heidi, Mary, Mary, Maurice,

Betty, Minnie, Tony, Tony, Shirley, Frankie, Jennie, Gerry, Peggy

Chuck, Frank, Mark, Jim, Kay, Kay, Fay

Earl, Pearl, Blanche, Ruth, Ruth, Ted, Bob

Rachel, Gertrude, Ethel, Esther, Elbert, Charlotte, Charles

Barbara, Dorothy, Dorothy, Eleanor, Anita, Alvira, Eugenia


msecz said...

Maybe they did... maybe it just takes them awhile to think about how nice that was. You did a wonderful thing... Sandra

garnett109 said...

That was sure alot of work and time well spent ! keep warm Chuck!

magogos said...

I read it outloud, and like the rhythm. They are not a very appreciative lot, are they? Margo

jckfrstross said...

wow i love the song :) well i haven't heard the music but the words are nice:)


firestormkids04 said...

You've given me a wonderful deep-down chuckle this evening. Wait! I hear a song!  Chuck chuckle smile grin grin smile chuckle, Chuck.  Blessings, Penny

jocalodave said...

I'm no music critic, Chuck. But I can say one thing for certain...
You've got way too many Margarets over there. I suggest you immediately change two to "Meg" and two others to "Maggie."
Then take a look at the Loraines...
and good luck with that.

sieblonde said...

This is a great study in names.  Which names were popular, etc...   I like it.. ~!