Saturday, February 17, 2007

Patrick's Saturday Six - game shows


Patric asks: (<-< Link)

1. Take the quiz: What game show host are you?

The quiz said Alec Trebek.  He is one my favorites.  I like Howie Mandel best right now. He is calm and fair. He doesn't belittle contestants, but you know he must be thinking, "Take the deal, you idiot. You're betting twenty thousand real dollars on a long shot. How can you do that? You came in here poor, and you're gambling away a fortune."

2. What game show do you think you would be best as playing? Jeopardy, but that doesn't mean I would be any good at it.  I rarely beat the contestants, though I often know the answers...just can call em up that fast.

3. What game show do you think you would be worst at playing? Deal or No Deal.  I could not bet any real money on those long-shots.

4. Have you ever applied or auditioned as a contestant for any game show? If so, which one? My family and I went to an audition for Family Feud.  It was fun.  We played a practice game against another family. But I got so rattled I gave silly answers, even about my job.  Also I forgot that you were supposed to give the most popular answer to simple questions...not your own personal opinion.  For example the question was "If you could sleep as late as you wanted, what time would you get up?"  I thought "I can sleep as late as I want and I get up at six" so I said "six".  Dumb dumb...the most popular answer was something like nine or ten.

5. If you had to apply or audition for a game show, which one would you most likely choose? Deal or No Deal... and if I got on I would grab the first suitcase of money and quit.  One Against One Hundred would not do for me.  They ask questions about popular songs or current celebrities and I would have no idea.

6. If you found out you had to host a game show, which one would do you know well enough that you could actually host? Not One Against One Hundred...the rules are too complicated.  Deal or No deal has easiest rules...but I might blurt out advice..."take the money and run, Numbnuts." 

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great answers Chuck:) have a good weekend