Saturday, February 24, 2007

More Words

Attention Valerie

Here are some more fascinating words.

Obelisk.  Those tall pointy structures of which the Washington Monument is one

Anile.  The aging phenomenon in women... called "senile" in men.

Estivation.  A summer sleep of animals to escape the heat.  The opposite of Hibernation, a winter period of suspended animation.

(LOL...the spell check objected to anile and estivation.. too unusual for it, I guess.)


garnett109 said...

Thanks chuck, new words to use .

valphish said...

I have, of course, heard of obelisk.  I like that word.  I am very curious of the word anile.  Now why would they have a separate word for male and female word for senility?  I have heard senile used for men AND women.  I thought that word was not gender specific.  How did you find this out?  Fascinating!  Estivation is fascinating, too!  Do you know any animals that do this?  Neat entry!  Hugs, Val xox  P.S.  Neato!  Hey, go out and get a copy of "Mother Tongue".  You will love to read it!