Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Round Two

Another complaint about the same thing.  I complained before about the Veteran's Administraion charging my insurance co, Blue Cross, for an office visit I made for treatment of my eyes.  In 1943, in combat, I stepped on a land mine and it blew up in my face.  I lost one foot and one eye and had sand blown into the other.  That is a service connected disability. 

But now when I go for eye exam, they charge my insurance co, and ultimately me, for the visit. It doesn't seem fair.

I reported the situation to Blue Cross and the representative did not seem concerned about it.  "You had treatment.  Of course we pay for the treatment."  Oh, well.  Somebody is getting screwed, and I think it is the insurance company.

Furthermore, the Veteran's Administration has made THREE claims for the same visit.  One for "surgery", one for examination, and one for treatment.

All together the VA is getting only $36,,,but what the hey...?


mawmellow said...

Trying to make the government admit they made a mistake is not an easy thing !

garnett109 said...

call your state rep. up and explain that to him.
My friend got back from Iraq with all kinds of problems and went to the Va .
They charged him and his insurance and he called up the state rep and they handled the situation for him.

plieck30 said...

Guess we're from the old school. Whats right is right and whats wrong is wrong. It worries me so much when I have to go to doctors a lot  and have test that medicare and supplement insurance has to pay for. Paula

jocalodave said...

I am ashamed that my government has such a miserable record when it comes to ongoing care for wounded veterans.
Regardless of how much time may pass or what competing priorities may emerge, we owe a never-ending debt to those who answered the call and put their lives at risk for our nation.
I'm sure many of those who work for the VA understand this and strive to do the right thing -- let's put them in charge.
Meanwhile, thanks for your service and for the service you are providing to your young brothers and sisters in arms who are suffering injuries today that will extend our responsibility to care for veterans for ANOTHER 65 years.
When will we ever learn?