Sunday, February 25, 2007

Patrick's Sunday Seven - American Architecture

Patrick asks us to name our seven favorite pieces of American Architecture.

1. St. Louis Arch.  What a remarkable idea, and tricky to assemble.

2. Any of the many sports Domes.  Imagine a structure big enough to play football or baseball in.  I have never been in one.  I sure would like to.

3. Space Needle.  I have been in it.  In fact dined in it and the restaurant turned completely around.  During dinner we got views in all four directions. Beats the Top of the Mark in that way.

4. Empire State Building.  Was once the tallest building in the world.  Now they are taller, but this one has been around for over sixty years.  That makes it one of my favorites.

5.  That pointy office building in San Francisco...Occidental building? 

6.  The Golden Gate Bridge.  Another venerable stucture that has been around for some time.  Now there are longer, higher bridges, but one, and its companion the Oakland Bay Bridge are institutions.

7 Geodesic Dome houses.  Novel Idea..make houses round.


garnett109 said...

My favorite would be the Hoover Dam

myrdog said...

ST Louis arch, beautiful especially in the sunshine.