Saturday, February 10, 2007

Patrick's Saturday Six

Patrick asks us....(<- Link)

1. A friend arrives from out of town and wants to go to dinner at a nice locally-owned restaurant: where would you take her? One of the chains, say Applebee's or House of Pies, or a special treat would be the Chinese restaurant featuring Japanese cuisine cooked right at your table, with flames jumping to the ceiling, and the chef weilding knives and serving your plate right from the large grill in front of you... called Tepenyaki.  Benihana's does Tepenyaki

2. Your friend then says he wants to learn something about the history of your city: where would you take him first? Out to the lake to see the walls built by Chinese manual labor over a hundred years ago.  They still mark the boundaries of old estates.  And the bridge under which the swallows come to nest each year... on the same specific date.  How do they know that?

3. Does your current hometown have any specific kind of weather threats (i.e., tornado alley, etc.) or natural disaster threats (i.e., earthquake faults, volcanic activity) that concerns you? All of Califonia is riddled with earthquake faults.  We live near the famous San Andreas fault, the caused the San Francisco quake and fire.  I might run a friend over to see remnants of thoses quakes.

4. Take the quiz: What city shares your personality? Boston... well, why not.  I loved it.

5. Have you ever visited this city or lived there before? Yes, visited.  Loved the historic flavor.  Liked walking where John Adams, John Quincy Adams, and Paul Revere walked.

6. Based on what you know about that city, either firsthand or from others, do you think it would be a good fit for you? Do you think it would be a better fit than the

city in which you now live? No, not likely.  I am a California boy.  New England would not be to my liking.


garnett109 said...

Have a great Sunday Chuck!

myrdog said...

my city is Killarney, ireland. I guess I am pretty run of the mill. I like Denver , Co.

plieck30 said...

I too wonder how those swallows know that. So interesting. Paula

mtrib2 said...

In 1811 the New Madrid fault had the largest known earthquake in the contenential U.S. in which the Mississippi River ran backwards.    I live in the zone of it.   You gave some interesting answers and I enjoyed your thoughts.    mark