Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Ethanol? No. Soy Sauce

Researchers at the University of Michigan have discovered that raising corn for ethanol requires almost as much energy as it produces, and that ethanol does not cut greenhouse emissions.

Didn't anyone notice this before?

What do they suggest for making alternate energy?

Soy beans.

Seems appropriate.  Back in the 1930's, Henry Ford was experimenting with soy beans to make plastic car bodies out of.  Build 'em out of soy beans, run 'em on soy beans.


garnett109 said...

Soy bean is a good Idea I wonder how many bushels it would take to make a gallon?

mtrib2 said...

By making vehicles out of carbon fiber as well as high strenght thin steel can reduce the weight by 50% and increase impact resistance.    A new plant is being built using chicken fat from a chicken processing plant that costs one dollar less a gallon to make deisel fuel.    Ethanol is not the answer to CO2 emissions and is just a minor lessoning on importing oil dependency.    An Ethanol spill does not harm the environment like gasoline does.    Only by raising the M.P.G. will CO2 emission be cut.   mark