Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ghastly Count

It is ghastly.  We have begun to trace the news of the war in Iraq with a tally of Americans killed.

Last Week  20 killed

This Week 12 Killed

Today         5 Killed.

Soon we will print it like a box score:

Wednesday: Colts 16; Bears 11; Americans Killed 5. 


garnett109 said...

In all wars ,and it is a shame, that we have to use a body count to determine who is winning the war , or in this case on when we should pull out!
The Media never prints the good stuff on how many people we helped over there those numbers are better to see!

plittle said...

Fallacy! Fallacy!

No one ever wins a war. Both sides always lose. In this case the Iraqis have lost their country, and the Americans have lost the respect of the rest of the free world.

tendernoggle said...

I can remember seeing;  during the Viet Nam "conflict" , lists of all the young oys beong killed over there...and for what reason...we ended up pulling out...all thos young lives lost for nothing...I have always said that if the president himself had to go to war, then we would have far fewer wars, wouldn't we?

reconcilinglife said...

so very sad . Bam

mavarin said...

As bad as it is that Americans are dying over there, it bugs me that they are the only ones that get a running count in most reports.  Many more Iraqis than Americans are dying, I'm sure, many of them innocent civilians. And that's to say nothing of the people from other countries who are there trying to help - and the ones who are fanning the flames.