Friday, January 26, 2007


My spirits are rising already.

It is wonderful.  I make a journal entry... and WITHIN MINUTES comments start coming in.

And they kept coming in.... when I added this note there were already ten or more.  Thanks folks.  I do feel better.

It is really nice to be heard. 

Thank you, Loves, you are grand.


garnett109 said...

Just hope you are not depressed !

lacaza3 said...

everything you write about could very well be our future...we will all be where your at in time...some of us sooner than others...You educate us and help us
thank you
Love Donna In TEXAS

mtrib2 said...

I have respect for you Chuck that you are who you say you are!    mark

jckfrstross said...

Hang in there it will get better:)


hopdiann said...

Write to management and complain. The carers obviously aren't game to take on the people who sit in the doorway. The management need to know folk aren't getting what they pay for because the staff aren't on to the problems.

If you don't want to write to management straight away, talk to the Big Cohoona on the floor. And say you'll write to management if things don't improve.

Don't be a victim, that is a depressing place to be.  I know, I've been there!

C'mon Chuck, you know how to work the system!!!




madcobug said...

Glad you are feeling better already. Get out tomorrow and take your van to get a checkup. Getting outside helps a lot. Helen

magogos said...

You are pretty grand yourself, and I know that you offer hope to many of us who will end up in an Old Folks Home ourselves someday. Margo

reconcilinglife said...

You are grand yourself there Chuck. Bam

nyboots said...

YOU are the grand one!!!

tendernoggle said...

No you are and we love hearing from you!
love ya,