Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I expected sympathy and advice.

Me:  Doc, I've got that Noro virus that's going around.

Doctor:  Oh, me too.  Had to cancel some surgery.

Oh, well.


garnett109 said...

Are you getting any better?
Get well soon chuck!

plittle said...

Poor guy. He might have to put off buying his new Benz for a couple of weeks.

mtrib2 said...

I told the dental technician last Thursday that I had a bad cold for over a month.   She said she had one too.    She told me that a nurse at the hospital said they were seeing a lot of pneumonia cases.     I have been resting and staying indoors as when I worked outside in the 50 degree weather dressed warm with a stocking cap the sweat I would work up would end up making me sick again.     I hope your virus will get better soon for you and Doc.      mark