Monday, April 16, 2007

Adventure in the Golden Years

Well, Mad-dog caved in.  I cut loose from the hum-drum and went on a wild senior-type spree.  Did I go to New York or the UK for a week end? No.  Just for the Hell of it, without telling anyone, I went out to lunch.

I didn't even look at the menu at the old folk home.  I passed on Roast Pork, scalloped potatoes, and zucchini, and went to A-W Rootbeer/Kenturcky Fried Chicken for some Hometown Chili.

It wasn't bad. Cost $1.84 and came, as I had predicted, in a plastic bowl.  It had good ingedients, was hot and tasty, but, alas was waaay too thin.  Tradition says you are supposed to be able to stand a fork in your chili and have it remain upright for half a minute.  Though it failed the fork test, the fork being plastic too, it made a passable lunch. Next time I go on a spree I may risk the two piece fried chicken and root-beer special.

Then I continued my afternoon escapade by buying a box of soda crackers on sale and a box of graham crackers on sale.  My whole day's entertainment cost less than five dollars.  Gasolene...nothing, since I went on my scooter.

Oh, the residents solved their dispute with the management before I got there so that proved to be useless entertainment-wise.  We compromised.  We agreed to keep our medications in locked cabinets and they agreed not to charge us $400 monthly for managing it.  Cool head prevailed. 

And I have the rest of the afternoon to do whatever I want.  I haven't been to the rose garden yet.


tendernoggle said...

Well good for you Chuck!!! Sometimes you just have to get out for a change of pace! I love the original recipe of the KY chicken! AND the mashed potatoes and gravy!!! Slaw is pretty good also! lol I made homemade chili last night for supper!
love ya,

garnett109 said...

I make a wicked Chili not sure it would pass the fork test but hell you'd have a great time with it !

madcobug said...

Glad that you enjoyed you daytime outing. That's great that the management didn't charge $400.00 a month for managing meds. Someone was going to make a bundle off you residents. Helen

plieck30 said...

Thats my kind of wild spree. Maybe you should do it more often and maybe get a subject for an entry. Not that you don't always have good ones. Paula