Sunday, April 22, 2007

To My Secret Cousin, Greeting

Here's a picture of my Great-Grandfather, Wil (William).  I am posting it because I think he looks just like one of my I see him in the side bar to to his journal. 

I want to see if my reader sees the resemblance... and if he thinks it is a family trait.

Surprise, secret cousin.

Great-Grandfather Wil


garnett109 said...

Looks to look like A civil war dude?

tellsg said...

'Ere, its not me is it?  As you know, I have family tucked away in the strangest of places.  Hugs, Terry x

madcobug said...

You're G-Grandfather has kind looking eyes. I have no idea which one of your readers you are refering to. Helen

msecz said...

nice looking man but the beard has to

bamawmn46 said...

OMG! I hope it's not me!!  If it is, I need to phone the doc and get some hormone meds right away!!!!  LOL

He is a nice looking man. I can see a family resemlance to you!

plieck30 said...

Nice looking man without all that fuzz. Mustache is okay. Paula

hewasolddog299 said...

The nose is about right and my youngest brother had the sandy-colored hair (mine is gray trending to a dirty yellow-white these days - used to be dark brown. Father's was black). We have similar streaking to our beards, particularly these days. However, the ears are all wrong for my family and the lips look too thin to be one of "ours". The forehead slopes back in a fashion uncharacteristic of my ancestors. The cheeks are right for my paternal grandmother's side of the family. Her father, also a "Wil" was known to frequent California during the gold rush until his grub stake ran out...

So, it's a possibility, Chuck. I'd be happy to send you our "Gedcom" file so you can look through it looking for common ancestors.


chasferris said...

See comment below....Wil caught on.  He knew I was referring to him.  But alas, too many charactaristics other than the beard didn't match.  Well, if he is not a cousin, at least he is a loyal reader.  Thanks Non-cousin Wil.
Yes, it would be fun to compare geneologies