Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Saturday Six - On Wednesday

1. Do you believe that there is some form of intelligent life on a planet other than Earth?
Considering the billions of planets there must be, it figures that somewhere intelligent life has evolved.
2. If there was, and we were to encounter it, which do you think would do more harm to the other: the Earthlings or the Extra Terrestrials? We're not all that intelligent...I suspect we would do them more harm.

3. If a close friend or family member told you that they had been kidnapped by aliens, how likely are you to believe them if they can offer no physical evidence? No way.  I would be concerned that they had "gone round the bend" is all.

4. Take the quiz: How likely is it that you would be abducted by Extra Terrestrials?

17% says the quiz.  It says I don't believe in Aliens, but I should

5. If you could fly in a spaceship to get a close look at any of the planets besides Earth, which would you choose and why? I was thinking Venus.  I actually knew the astronmer who discovered the clouds on Venus.  But then I considered Jupiter whose moons provide insights into how the Earth was formed.  Then Patrick reminded me that Saturn has rings that it would be fun to study close up.  Mars would be far down on my list.  I have seen pictures of it, and it is bor-ing.

6. If you had the chance to live on a fully-developed colony on Mars, would you do so? No, Mars is bor-ing. Even the moon would be a better place to live. Imagine living on the moon and watching the phases of the Earth.  Full Earth would be spectacular.


garnett109 said...

Jeeze, Pluto would be the place to visit since it was down graded to a moon .

tendernoggle said...

Wow...this was interesting! I just want to be right here on good old mother earth.......looking UP to see all the other planets! lol
love ya,

jocalodave said...

I can't get past question #1, Chuck.

Maybe if you could provide some evidence supporting the premise (that there is some form of intelligent life on Earth)?