Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I Stand Corrected - I had to Eat my Words

The menu said we were having Waldorf Salad for supper. My table mates and I laughed when the simple salad was served.  We agreed that it was NOT a Waldorf Salad.

I wrote on the comment card that is left at the table:  "Good Salad, but it was not a Waldorf Salad.  A Waldorf Salad has apples, nuts, and raisins."

I happened to be nearby when the cook read the comment card.  She confronted me.  "That WAS a Waldorf Salad.  I watched the salad cook make it."

I said, "It had no nuts or apples in it."

She said, "I saw it made."

I said, "I ate it."

She said, "Wait."  She went to the kitchen and brought out a bowl with the left-over salad.  She reached in an pulled out a fragment of salad.

"Apple," she said and popped it into my mouth.

"Nut," she said and popped another fragment into my mouth.

I had to change my assertion.  "Okay, It was a Waldorf Salad."

But between us, I am not sure the chef at the Waldorf would have recognized it.


garnett109 said...

Times are Tough Times Are Hard the good stuff the chef took home. have a great day chuck.

madcobug said...

Maybe they just gave you a taste of the good salad later Chuck. If feel sure if yours was the good stuff you would have tasted it. Helen

funnyface0s0 said...

Hi Chuck ..... sometimes some of the heavier ingredients stay at the bottom .... like your rasins and nuts and apple ........ ask whoever is dishing it up to dive to the bottom next time !!!
Luv Jayne x

jckfrstross said...

well she may have had apple and nuts but you and your table mates didn't get any so technically you didn't get a waldorf salad. that lady needs to make sure if they are serving waldorf everyone gets apple and nuts lol


plieck30 said...

Mmmm I love Waldorf salad but I have never seen anyone around here put raisins in it and I am glad. Paula