Friday, April 20, 2007

I Promised You a Rose Garden - Oh, Chuck, Give Up on the Roses

You thought I was done with roses?  No.  "Our" blossom, the one we have followed from bud to bloom, looked like this a couple of days ago.  And the little buds alongside have bloomed by now.

But, alas, being the first bud to blossom, it is also the first to begin to fade and lose petals, and give way to the buds you see alongside.  I will, in the spirit of honesty, show the demise of our blossom in the next few days.


madcobug said...

I myself never get tired of looking at the beautiful roses you post. I would love to pass through that garden and smell all of them. Helen

garnett109 said...

Our Daffodills are finely popping through!

hunybea4him said...

We are starting to prepare to plant a garden.  We tilled up the ground and made beds.  My hubby wants all roses but this is our first attempt at a real garden so I am not sure how to take care of roses or even if where we have our bed would be the best spot for rose bushes.  So I'm starting to look into it.  Any advice??

Much Love,

hewasolddog299 said...

Your photos are nice. Now make them great -- use a tripod and the timer (if you haven't got a remote on that thing). You'll be glad you did. Even with the scooter and walker and all.