Thursday, April 12, 2007

My Box of Paints

Robert Genn, the artist, in his newsletter (<link) recently told the story of a would be artist, who put off her artistic career for years  by ignoring a box of painting materials that had been given her.  Finally in her later years she got a new box of paints and went to work, fulfilling a life long dream.

Many artists related to the story, and sent in tales of their own, telling how they started their own adventures in art, after putting them off, by putting them aside "in a box", figuratively. I read their stories idly. 

Then I glanced in my corner and laughed out loud.  There was MY box of paints, not figuratively, but actually, sitting on top of the file cabinet...on top of two unused easels


I guess I need to get it down and start my own artistic career.  It is never too late..

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garnett109 said...

Chuck you amaze me, you sure are a man with many hats!

msecz said...

I can hardly wait to see your first work

jckfrstross said...

can't wait to see the finished product:)


desannie said...

Charles, this really struck a chord with me.  A tablemate of mine told us her story not long ago.  Seems she had always wanted to paint, but always put it on the back burner; first for her children, then her husband became ill (cancer) and died.  After all had settled, she finally tried to paint.  She had just finished her first painting when she had a massive stroke.  She's now learned to use her left hand, is learning to walk again and her speech is always improving.  What do you want to bet she'll try to paint again someday?  Annie