Sunday, April 15, 2007

Fred - The New Guy

I met the new guy.  At breakfast they seated him at his assigned table but no one else was there.  Seemed like a bleak breakfast for one's first morning here.  Our table mate does not come to breakfast so we sent a care giver to invite new guy to join us for his first breakfast.

His name is Fred.  Yes, he has a computer, but, No, there will be no additional blog from the old folks home.  He says he knows nothing about his computer. Well, we can have fun anyway, even though he won't be publishing a journal.

But poor Fred.  What an introduction to the old folks home he got.  I started by telling him that I had lived here for eight years and was happy.  But my table mate, Miss Congeniality, was in rare form.

Miss C: Breakfast is the best meal of the day.

Fred: Oh, yes.

Miss C: But it goes down hill all day.  The evening meal is LOUSY.

   Thanks, Table mate. for helping Fred adjust to his new home. Fred mentioned that he had lived at Hampshire House before he broke his hip.  Oh, oh.  Mentioning Hampshire House to Miss C. is like waving a red flag at a snorting bull.  Without seeing what Fred had thought of Hampshire House, she began: "That snooty place.  They think they're better than anyone else.  Don't they realize that this is Merced...not San Francisco, or New York society?"  And on, and on.

   Whatever I complimented, Miss C. found fault with. I invited Fred to listen to George on the piano this evening and Miss C. pointed out that SHE would be playing cards, not listening to music.  To make matters worse, Fred's new table mates showed up after all, but he was getting brain washed at our table instead of meeting his new table mates.

   Welcome Fred.


garnett109 said...

Get Fred up and running on the P.C. show him the ropes , hope he starts writting

tendernoggle said...

lol lol lol.....CHuck, I do not mean to make light of tis...butt he way you told it was so funny...Por Fred...nut Chuck, he got to meet you...and for that I know he is grateful...
love ya,

madcobug said...

I imagine Fred would love for you to show him all about his computer and what all he can do with it. Miss C. must have got up on the wrong side of the bed. Maybe she should go back and get a few more ZZZZZ's. Helen

funnyface0s0 said...

Hi Chuck ..... i agree with the other commenters.... show Fred how to use his computer, he might even like to start a blog of his own!   As for Miss C ... bah humbug
Luv Jayne x

tellsg said...

Miss C sounds a bundle of laughs!  Hope Fred becomes a good friend of yours.  Hugs, Terry x

plieck30 said...

Maybe you need to take Fred aside and tell him not to pay attention to Miss C, then tell him all the good points of your place of residence. Hope you and Fred will have a nice friendship. Paula