Monday, April 16, 2007

Hobby Needed

Think I will go shopping for some crackers.  I don't "need" crackers right now.... I just need something to do.  Scooting to market will give me something to do.

Tried to strike up conversation with a stonewall at breakfast this morning.  Instead we ate in sullen silence.  I need a new place to breakfast.  Carl Jr's is a breakfast chain across the street. 

LOL.  Carl Jr's merged with the "Green Burrrito".  Doesn't that sound enticing for breakfast...a green burrito?

A few door farther on is a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant that has merged with A-W Rootbeer.  They have chicken, root-beer, and A-W Hometown Chili to-go in plastic bowls. 

Life is growing more complex daily.  And noisy.  There are TWO leaf blowers at work outside my window.  One is deafening, and now there are two. 

Residents are meeting today to protest new fees.  I should go.  I need the enterainment. Listening to leaf-blowers is growing bor-ing.



madcobug said...

Yuckk, a green burrito for breakfast would not be for me. Sorry that you had a silent person sitting close to you at breakfast. Have fun scooting down to get those unneeded crackers. Hope you take time to stop and smell those beautiful roses. Helen

funnyface0s0 said...

Hi Chuck - i love Kentucky Fried Chicken, we only have two in the whole county of Cornwall and that is about 30 miles from where i live !    Hope the residents meeting didn't get to outta hand !
Luv Jayne x

z7snowflake said...

I hope u can find some entertainement soon. I hate being bored.

garnett109 said...

Chuck for a hobby become the House Prez, just a thought!

tellsg said...

Have you thought about entering any competitions on line.  My nephews do and they have won loads of things.  Hugs, Terry x

tendernoggle said...

Hey chuck....either way you gonna hear alot of wind! lol
Hope you have a good day!
Maybe breakfast will be better tomorrow!
love ya,